Welcome to a new chapter in LED lighting. The Elite+ range signifies our latest development in lighting technology, elevating your driving experience with smarter, more functional lighting that enhances every aspect of your visibility




Innovative Features of Elite+

At the core of the Elite+ range is the integration of supplemental yellow LEDs. These are not just
additions to the light; they're a rethinking of how we use light to drive safely and comfortably. The
yellow and white light blend cuts through darkness and reduces glare, easing the strain on your eyes
during night drives. But here's where it gets really interesting: the yellow LEDs can also operate
independently, focusing light downward and to the sides, perfect for navigating through snow, fog, dust
or any other challenging conditions.



Versatility and User-Centric Design

With four distinct lighting modes, each designed for specific situations, the Elite+ Range
really stands out in its adaptability. Gone are days of swapping lens covers, just simply
switch between each mode via the flick of an intuitively designed momentary switch.

  • Boost Mode: Offers pure white light for clear, focused visibility.
  • Combo Mode: A balanced blend of white and yellow light for a well-rounded
  • Snow/Fog/Dust Mode: Utilises yellow light to enhance performance in challenging
    weather conditions.
  • E-mark / Low Output Mode: Reduced output mode that both: reduces glare
    prevalent in some environments, and allows compliance to UNECE Regulation 149.

The Elite+ lights also feature an intelligent memory function, which recalls your last selected mode,
reinstating it when you restart your vehicle. The E-mark / Low Output Mode is also easily accessible,
activated instantly when you press the switch and hold for 2 seconds, making it even more
user-friendly and convenient.






Selecting the Right Lamp

Our Elite+ technology is available in both the Triple-R and Linear Ranges, with two products in each range.




The Linear range offers exceptional versatility and performance for such low profile light bars. The Linear-6 Elite+ is already establishing itself as the go-to option for snowmobiles, ATVs / UTVs, and buggies. The Linear-18 version follows in the footsteps of our Linear-18 Elite as a supremely popular option for passenger cars, 4x4s, and LCVs, with the extra functionality coupled with superior light output ensures the 18 Elite+ stands out as the ultimate low profile LED light bar matching distance illumination with incredible left/right spread.







The Triple-R models are the choice for drivers seeking the trademark product look and focused and powerful illumination. Whether it's the commanding presence of the Triple-R 24 Elite+ or the more compact yet powerful Triple-R 1250 Elite+, these lights deliver when it matters most. Like the Linear products, the Triple-R Elite+ feature black PCBs for a stealth appearance compared to other products in the Triple-R range, which when combined with the trademark backlight / position light function, really sets these products apart from an aesthetic perspective.







Product Details

Aside from product specific lens graphics, all Elite+ products are distinguishable by their black circuit
boards which give the products a unique 'stealth' appearance amongst all our other LED light bars. They
also feature a CAE optimised heatsink that significantly improves thermal dynamics, enhancing the overall
performance of the lights.

Durability is paramount, as evidenced by their anodised pre-treatment and automotive-grade powder
top-coats, ensuring ultimate protection against corrosion and chemicals. The light's contain advanced
electronic thermal management systems that efficiently maintains optimal lightoutput while preserving the
longevity of the LEDs. Their lenses are all made from 'unbreakable' and hard coated polycarbonate, coupled
with an IP68 watertight rating, ensures the lights can withstand the toughest conditions.

In their own right they are all extremely powerful lights but the high power rating and current draw on the
Linear-18, Triple-R 1250, and Triple-R 24 products has necessitated new high power wiring looms included
within each lamp.




In Summary…

Choosing the right light isn't just about specs; it's about finding a solution that resonates with
your driving experience. Whether it's the refined elegance of the Linear series or the raw
power of the Triple-R models, the Elite+ range is here to elevate your journey. We're excited
to help you discover the perfect lighting solution that meets your needs and exceeds your
expectations. Whether you're considering an upgrade or a new purchase, the Elite+ range
represents a significant advancement in LED lighting, each model in this series is a
testament to our commitment to blending style, efficiency, and unparalleled performance.