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  1. Buyers Guide - The Carbon-4 & Carbon-2 (Gen3)

    Buyers Guide - The Carbon-4 & Carbon-2 (Gen3)

    Lazer Lamps introduces the latest additions to the Carbon Series, the Carbon-4 & Carbon-2 (Gen-3), answering the call for more versatile, extreme off-road and endurance racing lighting solutions, building on the success of our widely acclaimed Carbon-6 (Gen3).

  2. Tried and Tested Through 4.5 Billion Truck Miles… and counting

    Tried and Tested Through 4.5 Billion Truck Miles… and counting

    In the world of trucking, reliability isn't just a desirable trait—it's an absolute necessity. At Lazer Lamps, we understand the critical role that lighting plays in ensuring safe and efficient journeys for truck drivers around the globe. Once our lights are installed on trucks, they become essential tools for drivers navigating a diverse range of road conditions. From the scorching heat of the Australian outback to the freezing arctic roads of Scandinavia, our lights consistently deliver unmatched performance.

  3. Lazer Lights The Way In The Dakar Rally

    Lazer Lights The Way In The Dakar Rally

    The Dakar Rally is an event that epitomises the pinnacle of extreme off-road motorsport. More than just a race, it’s a journey that tests the limits of both human and machine in some of the world's most demanding environments.Traversing continents and climates, from the arid dunes of Africa (1978 - 2008) to the diverse terrains of South America (2009 - 2019), and currently the challenges of the Middle East (2020 - present), each iteration of the Dakar Rally has brought its own set of trials.

  4. Buyers Guide - Elite+

    Buyers Guide - Elite+

    Welcome to a new chapter in LED lighting. The Elite+ range signifies our latest development in lighting technology, elevating your driving experience with smarter, more functional lighting that enhances every aspect of your visibility.

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