The Dakar Rally is an event that epitomises the pinnacle of extreme off-road motorsport. More than just a race, it’s a journey that tests the limits of both human and machine in some of the world's most demanding environments.Traversing continents and climates, from the arid dunes of Africa (1978 - 2008) to the diverse terrains of South America (2009 - 2019), and currently the challenges of the Middle East (2020 - present), each iteration of the Dakar Rally has brought its own set of trials.


This year's rally, stretching over 8,000 kilometres with 12 distinct stages, presented a unique blend of strategic racing and raw endurance through its combination of Liaison and Special stages. Competitors, receiving their roadbooks mere minutes before each stage, were thrust into a dual challenge of navigation and speed. Navigation, one of the most formidable components of the rally, demands not just skill but also the best equipment to tackle the unpredictable environment of the Middle East. In this challenge, optimal lighting becomes crucial and more competitors than ever placed their trust in Lazer, recognising our lights' capability to always ensure drivers remain visible, and have excellent visibility, even in such demanding conditions.


The rally kicked off in AlUla, a city rich in history, and embarked on a diverse and demanding journey. The route traversed a mix of new and familiar terrains, 60% of which were uncharted for the rally, adding to the unpredictability of the challenge ahead. A significant highlight of this year was the innovative 48-hour stage set in the vast Empty Quarter, where participants, distributed across eight bivouacs and operating with limited resources and without external support, faced an intensified test of endurance and self-reliance. Negotiating through varied landscapes, the competitors confronted rigorous navigational and endurance tests, culminating on the shores of the Red Sea in Yanbu.’


As we dive into some incredible images from this year's rally, we are incredibly proud that well over 14 different teams (that we know about!) and over 30 different vehicles were using our lights throughout, including Team Toyota Gazoo, MD Rallye Sport, De Rooy, MMP, AS Racing, Arcane Racing, Team Overdrive, South Racing and more. There was also diversity in the types of Lazer products fitted. For many, the weight-saving, performance, and functionality provided by the Carbon Series range made these a choice for many leading teams and drivers, replicating what we see increasingly from the top teams in rally and track motorsport. The diminutive proportions of the Linear range, belying the lights output and robustness, made these an equally popular sight within the bivouacs. The Elite+ range launched only recently, with supplemental yellow LEDS capable of operating alongside the ‘white’ light or in isolation, were also adopted by a handful of teams where the ability to very simply modify the colour of light as the challenging conditions ebbed and flowed, helped deliver tangible competitive advantage.


Facing the harsh desert conditions and the extreme challenges of the Dakar, our lights have shown their mettle as the most resilient and well-engineered in the market. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of LED technology, where rigorous testing is integral to our development process. Our Lamps undergo extensive evaluations, including Thermal Cycling, Salt Spray testing, Solar Load testing, and Mechanical testing. This meticulous approach to product development ensures that when teams choose Lazer, they are equipping themselves with a product that will rise to the demands of any extreme rally conditions.


Our presence in the Dakar Rally, as reflected in the different teams' trust in our lights, is a clear indication of our commitment to quality. We deliver a lighting solution designed to withstand the toughest environments, embodying advanced technology, precision engineering, and unwavering durability.