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Representing an evolution in our highest performance LED lighting solutions, the Elite+ range comprises products with enhanced performance, light distribution, and functionality. Improvements are in part made through the placement of supplemental yellow LEDs in each of the lights, which can either combine with the already superior white light high beam function for awe-inspiring night-time visibility at a slightly softer, more relaxing colour temperature. Or the option to operate the yellow LEDs on their own, with that light angled slightly down and to the sides of the road or track making this function ideal in snow, fog, or dust conditions.

The lights are intended to cycle through the different lighting modes via a momentary switch. The lighting modes are: Boost (white only), Combo (white + yellow), Snow/Fog/Dust Mode (yellow only), and E-mark (white only; road-legal at reduced output compliant with UNECE Reg 149). A memory function within the lamp means the previous mode selected will be in effect when your vehicle is restarted for example. Additionally, pressing and holding the momentary switch for 2 seconds will result in the light instantly jumping to the E-mark mode.

The imposing nature of the Triple-R 24 Elite+ is reflected in the lamp’s performance. Through advanced electronic design the light consists of a combination of 48 white LEDs and 40 yellow LEDs. With the light operating in Boost mode the white LEDs produce 24,056 raw lumen. Switching to ‘Combo’ mode the white and yellow LEDs combine to produce 34,220 raw lumen representing incredible lighting performance for a safer, more enjoyable night driving experience. All LEDs operating in combination results in 340W power consumption and 26.1Amps current draw (at 14V). To support operation of the lamp and electrical installation, the lamp features both a high power 2-pin Aptiv, and 3-pin Superseal connector. Additionally, included with each lamp are corresponding vehicle side wiring kits. The Aptiv connection is responsible for the high beam operation of the light, while the Superseal connections relate to the: function select, white and amber position light/backlight selection.

Like all Lazer products, the Elite+ range has been designed, engineered, and is manufactured in-house in the UK to exacting standards, both in terms of performance, reliability, and appearance. With the light’s contemporary design, the styling and finish is impressive especially up-close, but the true wow moments comes when you turn the light on at night! Backed up by our comprehensive 5-year warranty, and Lifetime Lens Guarantee, this is a product you can have confidence will last for years in even the harshest environments.


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Triple-R 24 Elite+

Yellow LEDs optimised for use in snow / fog / dust conditions.

Integrated white and amber position light function.

White light ECE approved to Reg 149 (Class B, Driving Light) for on-road use (E-Boost technology), and Reg 148 position/side light function (white only).

Features pre-wired male/female 2-pin Aptiv and 3-pin Superseal connectors.

Supplied with One-Lamp Wiring Kit.

Momentary switch facilitates switching lighting modes.

Memory function recalls preferred lighting mode without needing to re-select each journey.

Includes ‘Centre Mount’ and Side Mounting Kit.

CAE optimised heatsink offers improved thermal dynamics.

Anodised pre-treatment and Automotive grade powder top-coat for ultimate corrosion and chemical protection.

Electronic thermal management system optimises light output to preserve longevity of the LEDs.

‘Unbreakable’ and hardcoated polycarbonate lens.

IP68 watertight.

5-year warranty.

Designed & manufactured in the UK.

Technical Specifications

Based on: 1x Triple-R 24 Elite+ LED Lamp.

  White LED's
(E-Boost /
E-Mark Mode)
Yellow LED's
(Fog / Dust / Snow Mode)
White & Yellow LED's
(Combo Mode)
Voltage Range (DC) 10-32V 10-32V 10-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
Weight 4.5 kg 4.5 kg 4.5 kg
Total Luminous Flux 24056 / 4090 18720 34220
Total Driver 'FOV' Flux † 14 928 / 2538 10576 21114
Colour Temperature 5000K PC Yellow N/A
Number of High Output LEDs 48 40 48 White / 40 Yellow
Power Consumption 256 W / 37.8 W 189 W 375 W
Current Draw 17.9 A / 2.6 A 13.1 A 26.1 A
Peak Current Draw
22.7 A / 3.3 A 16.9 A 34 A
High Beam ECE R149 N/A
ECE Reference 2x 20
Position Light / Backlight ECE R148
Width 1125mm 1125mm 1125mm
Depth 105mm 105mm 105mm
Height 73mm 73mm 73mm
Horizontal Beam Angle 54° 54° 54°
0.25 lx Line 2145m / 853m 1371m 2319m
0.5 lx Line 1517m / 603m 970m 1640m
1 lx Line 1072m / 427m 686m 1160m
3 lx Line 619m / 246m 396m 670m

† Driver FOV flux is a measure of effective lumens taking consideration of the amount of light in a driver's 'field-of-view' defined as an area +/- 45o left/right, and +/- 10o up/down. For more information – click here.

What's Included
  • x1 Triple-R 24 Elite+ LED Lightbar
  • x3 Centre Mount (1114k)
  • x1 Side Mount Kit (1118k)
  • x2 Wiring Kits (Econoseal & Superseal connections)
  • x1 Installation Instructions


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