Land Rover Defender (2020+) Roof Pods

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Land Rover Defender (2020+) Roof Pods

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An auxiliary high beam driving light install, fixed to the roof of your Defender, achieved through a quick and easy installation with no drilling required. Introducing Lazer Lamps Defender Roof Pods compatible with our low profile, high impact Linear-12 LED driving lights, available in Standard, Elite, or Elite with Position Light format.


Precision-engineered for the Land Rover Defender (2020+), the Lazer Lamps Roof Pods comprise left-hand and right-hand lamp mounts featuring carrier and cover elements. The carrier elements are fixed to the roof using (Dow) sealant, with the position of the pods facilitated by supplied positioning templates for a perfect install every time. A rubber seal applied to the lower edge of the pod covers provides for a clean finish with an OE quality appearance. For full fitting instructions please visit the Downloads section below.


The pods are designed to accommodate Linear-12 Standard, Elite, or Elite with Position Light high performance LED driving lights. The low-profile design of the lamps compliments the roof install perfectly, with lighting performance tuned for everyday road, or off-road use. Matching distance illumination with a wide spread of light, a low up/down distribution of light ensures minimum glare off the vehicle bonnet. Lighting performance really needs to be seen to be believed, but prepare for a safer, more relaxing night driving experience. All Linear-12 high performance LED light bars are UN ECE approved for on-road use as a high beam driving light.


Connection to the Defender’s electrical system is completed using wiring kits designed specifically for the job. Cables pass along the roof ditch channel and down the inside of the A-pillar trim for a discreet, quick and easy solution. When mounting the Linear-12 to activate with the vehicle’s high beams, if the vehicle has the LED Matrix headlight system or auto high beams, it may not be possible to detect a 12V high beam signal. In these instances, it will be necessary to complete the electrical installation using a Lazer CAN Interface. For advice on how to check for a 12V high beam signal, please click here.


What’s included:
- x2 Lamp pod carriers (LH/RH)
- x2 Lamp pod covers (LH/RH)
- x2 Rubber U-Channel
- x2 Security fastener pack (with bit)
- x1 VHB Cleaning Pad
- 1x Dowsil Sealant
- x2 Position Guides


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Land Rover Defender (2020+) Roof Pods

Pair of low-profile LED roof pods designed for Land Rover Defender (2020+)

Compatible with Linear-12 LED driving lights (sold separately)

Quick and easy install. No drilling required

Supplied Dow sealant and pod positioning guides to facilitate pod fixture

Very low wind noise even at high speeds

Rubber seal contributes to OE quality finish

Electrical wiring kits (sold separately) tailor-made for Land Rover Defender

Includes assortment of A2 stainless steel anti-theft fasteners

Suitable for vehicles with roof racks (Including Defender Expedition)

Pods fully removable – see Downloads sections for instructions

Technical Specifications
Linear-12 Standard
Linear-12 Elite 
Voltage Range 10-32V 10-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 
Weight 2x 800g 2x 800g
Total Luminous Flux 9,000 Lm 16,200 Lm
Total Driver 'FOV' Flux † 6,408 Lm 11,534 Lm
Colour Temperature 5000k 5000k
Number of High Output LEDs 2x 12 LEDS 2x 24 LEDS
Power Consumption 84 Watts 168 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 5.8 Amps 11.6 Amps
Start-up Time * 100ms 100ms
High Beam ECE R112 ECE R112
ECE Reference 2x 27.5 2x 37.5
Horizontal Beam Angle 34 deg 42 deg
0.25 lx Line 987 metres 1126 metres
0.5 lx Line 698 metres 796 metres 
1 lx Line 494 metres 563 metres 
3 lx Line 285 metres 325 metres 

* 'Start-up time' is the delay between the lamp receiving voltage, and light being emitted. Different Lazer lamps have different start-up times, depending on their electrical architecture, so we recommend that if you are buying two different types of Lazer lamp, for mounting on to the same vehicle, that you ensure you pick products with matching start-up time (either 5ms or 100ms, depending on the product). Please check the lamps technical section on each product page to be sure you are purchasing lights with the same start-up time for the best performance.

† Driver FOV flux is a measure of effective lumens taking consideration of the amount of light in a driver's 'field-of-view' defined as an area +/- 45o left/right, and +/- 10o up/down. For more information – click here.



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