Physically seeing Lazer High Performance Lights in action is when you can fully appreciate their performance; until then below are a selection of videos that give a sample of the exceptional quality you receive when you purchase a Lazer Lamps product.


Lazer - High Performance Lighting

Lazer is a British manufacturer of high performance headlights for the motor sport and road/offroad markets. Our products have long established themselves as the leaders in their field.

Carbon Fibre LED Spotlights

Carbon fibre LED Spotlights for the highest levels of motorsport. Pushing the boundaries of lighting technology to deliver unrivalled performance at a fraction of the weight of conventional solutions..


Lighting Performance

See the performance upgrade that can be achieved by fitting ST-4 (3472 lumens ea) and ST-8 (6944 lumens ea) compared to standard vehicle headlights (approx 1200 lumens ea). Standard halogen headlights.

Utility Series - See More. Work Safer.

Our range of heavy-duty LED work lamps which combine the latest and most advanced LED systems with patent-pending design features to maximise light output, functionality, and reliability..


Lazer - UK Manufactured

From electronic components in to the facility, through to product assembly and final test, our products go through carefully controlled quality processes at every step.

HOW TO: CanBus System Installs

A short video showing how to wire in Lazer Triple-R 750s to a modern vehicle featuring Can-Bus system; the integration features the CanM8 high beam interface module.  


Rallye Breslau 2015 – Lazer Night Stage

Gigglepin racing on the night stage at the 2015 Rallye Breslau, using Lazer LED Lights. The team took outright victories on seven of the eight stages and won the extreme car class overall.  

M-Sport Fiesta R5-Lazer Lighting Upgrade

More distance, improved spread and better homogeneity. M-SPORT Fiesta R-5 customers can expect to see a quantum leap in performance when they take the Fiesta R-5 lighting upgrade pack from M-Sport.


   LED vs Halogen Driving Lights

The Lightforce Striker 170 against the Lazer ST-4. The Lightforce pencil beam achieves good range but the Lazer ST-4 hybrid beam pattern also throws additional light in to the near and midrange.

Subari Pro R with Lazer lighting pack

The Pro-R lighting range from Lazer. Made in Britain and road legal for your car, this superior auxiliary lighting performance has become synonymous with the Lazer brand


LED vs HID: Rally Comparison Test

More distance, better spread, higher colour rendering index and lower system weight by 2kg. Power consumption also reduced by 10%... The ultimate rally lighting solution.

The Ultimate Lighting Comparison

No trickery, No clever photography, No photoshop. Just a drone 100m above a dark quarry, showing the aerial differences between a 42″ LED Light bar from China, 4x Halogen Spots (100W), and Lazer (18040 lm). 


Race2Recovery at the Dakar Rally

The Dakar rally is one of the toughest races on the planet. The Race 2 Recovery team of injured servicemen, like many other teams, have turned to Lazer High Performance Lighting. Hear what they had to say.