At the time of launching the Triple-R range back in 2015, it comprised two different tiers – Standard and Elite. The later featured higher output LEDs run at higher drive currents to achieve 30% more illumination. Last year the range of products evolved further with the introduction of the Competition tier of products, and upgrade to the Elite tier, now known as Elite2. Here we look to explain in a bit more detail the differences between each, and demonstrate the beam pattern variations.


Triple-R 1000 Standard with E-Boost


Triple-R Standard



Triple-R 1000 Standard with E-Boost

Like all the Triple-R products, the Standard tier utilises vacuum-metallised ‘hooded’ reflectors to achieve the long-range illumination the brand has become synonymous for. The light itself is served up by high density LEDs from Cree, which have been carefully selected particularly in respect of their premium ‘bin’ rating (grading within the LED category), and colour temperature – tested and proved at the highest levels of professional motorsport. The distribution of light from the LED chips, combined with the reflectors in the Standard tier, creates a very even (homogenous) beam which provides good distance but also spread of light left/right, up/down in the mid-long range. The ‘hot-spot’ is fairly cylindrical which creates for a comfortable light to drive on public roads with, because it provides good all-round illumination.




Triple-R Elite2



Triple-R 1000 Elite2 with E-Boost

The Elite2 shares many of the same physical characteristics of the Standard tier lights with a few important variations in regards of light distribution. Firstly, the LEDs have been replaced with High Intensity LEDs, again carefully selected for their premium ‘bin’ ratings and colour temperature. The High Intensity LEDs, as the name suggests, features a narrower angle of light distribution directly from the LED chip, while advanced electronics allow for increased drive current to the LEDs without compromising longevity – the result; more light, for longer. The reflector system itself is also different to the Standards. Still vacuum-metallised for maximum reflectivity, subtle variations in the reflector surface deliver a more focused beam pattern with less up/down distribution, but optimised for longer range left/right spread.




Triple-R Competition



Triple-R 1000 Competition with E-BoostDeveloped principally for the uncompromising requirements of the professional motorsport sector, the Competition tier of Triple-R lights brings together upgraded electronic componentry with the same high intensity LEDs as featured in the Elite2 lights. The reflector system is specially designed and engineered too, all with the purpose of delivering the maximum amount of light possible to the maximum distance. Compared to the Elite2, the Competition lights achieve greater range, thanks to the highest possible intensity of light, the compromise being the slightly reduced left/right spread, which can be customised with the use of clip-on Reeded Lenses, but which might be considered over engineered for everyday use on the road.