Triple-R 1250 Smartview - Ford Ranger RaptorAlways at the forefront of auxiliary lighting, leading UK manufacturer Lazer Lamps is excited to bring real innovation and improved lighting performance and functionality to the LED driving light market this year with the September launch of Triple-R SMARTVIEW.


With integration into your vehicle's electrical system facilitated by 'Plug & Play' connectivity across all elements of the Smartview system, the Smartview allows operation of 5 different lighting modes, each delivering real-world benefits suited to different road and off-road applications and conditions, and each benefitting from the latest and most efficient LED technology to deliver unrivalled lighting performance like no other.


An overview of the different lighting functions is available to preview on the video below:


Lighting functions are controlled via a touch-screen 'Dashboard Controller'. This controller, like the lamp itself, and CANbus interface (if utilising the Speed-Adapt function) is all connected via an Anti-Theft Unit (ATU), which in turn connects to the vehicle's battery and ignition feed. The ATU contains firmware specific to your lamp, so if the lamp is ever removed from the vehicle without the ATU, the lamp won't function.


Initially the Smartview will only be available in the 12 LED, Triple-R 1250 size, and with production scheduled for mid September, we look forward to sharing more information towards the end of the month, when the Smartveiw will officially launch. Watch this space and our social media channels.

Triple-R Smartview - Dashboard Controller