Delivering real innovation and pushing the limits of LED driving light technology, leading UK manufacturer, Lazer Lamps, is delighted to announce the launch of the Triple-R 1250 Smartview. The culmination of extensive development and testing, the Smartview boasts competition level performance with additional functionality married to the standard high beam driving lights on any vehicle.

SmartviewCapable of operating in 5 different lighting modes, the different functions of the Smartview lamp are operated via a Touchscreen Dashboard Controller:

E-Mark Compliant Mode - Enables the customer to operate the lamp in compliance with EU road-legal requirements.

E-Boost Mode - Increases the intensity of light for maximum visibility. Off-Road use only.

Speed Adapt Mode - Beam pattern adjusts depending on the speed of the vehicle between 30mph/50kph – 50mph/80kph.

Near-View Mode - Provides superior levels of short-range illumination, ideal in more extreme weather conditions such as fog and snow.

Dynamic Dip - Delivers a smoother transition between high and low beam allowing time for the driver’s eyes to adjust to lower light levels.



In E-Boost mode the lamp delivers 12,170 raw lumen, and 1 lux to 732m (lighting level sufficient to read by). The LEDs and electronic design is specific to the Smartview, and is the foundation for the varying beam patterns that make up the 5 different lighting modes. As with all Lazer products, the Smartview is manufactured in the UK to exacting standards.

Every consideration has been given to the design and engineering of the lamp to maximise both lighting performance and reliability, all backed up by our comprehensive 5yr warranty, and lifetime guarantee on the polycarbonate lens.

Providing for 'Plug & Play' connectivity of the lamp, dashboard controller, and CAN bus interface (where Speed Adapt function is requested), each lamp comes supplied with an Anti-Theft Unit which has been programmed with firmware specific to the lamp attached. In this regards the ATU provides a security feature to the Smartview lamps, that if the lamp was ever removed from the vehicle, without the ATU, the lamp would not turn on. 

Commenting on the launch of the Triple-R 1250 Smartview, Lazer Lamps Managing Director, Ben Russell-Smith says, 'With the launch of the Smartview product, we've applied functionality to a road-legal high performance auxiliary driving light that will really benefit people everyday, in varying real-world situations. Coupled with this, we've worked hard on the design of all aspects of the system, so that it integrates seamlessly into any modern vehicle, both from a styling perspective and how the light(s) function in line with the standard driving lights on your vehicle.'

Key Features

  • Capable of delivering five different lighting functions

  • Road-legal when operated in E-mark compliant mode

  • Lighting functions operated by a Dashboard Controller (sold separately)

  • ‘Plug & play’ connectivity via an Anti-Theft Unit specific to each lamp

  • Security Enabled – lamp will not operate if removed from the vehicle without the anti-theft unit

  • Utilises latest and most efficient LED technology to deliver exceptional lighting performance

  • Speed Adapt mode requires CanM8 Duo Interface

  • CAE optimised heatsink

  • Electronic thermal management

  • ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens

  • IP67 watertight

  • 5-year warranty

  • Designed & manufactured in UK

RRP (excl VAT)

  • Triple-R 1250 Smartview - £915 / €1060

  • Dashboard Controller - £80 / €93

  • CanM8 Duo Interface - £48 / €59