Golden Lazer

The Rallye Breslau comprises two off-road races across Poland and Bulgaria, held at the end of June and mid-September respectively. Running in one form or another since 1995, the Breslau Poland (which actually begins in Germany) comprises Extreme and Cross Country categories, and pits 150 teams against the elements for 8 days racing across 1500km of forest tracks, military grounds, quarry pits, and vast terrains.

This is our second year sponsoring, and it was a pleasure to be out there supporting the event, and pushing the Lazer Night Challenge on the Wednesday night, for the coveted ‘Golden Lazer’ trophies. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with the competitors who use, or consider using our products, and the first hand feedback is always valuable.

With the benefit of hindsight we probably arrived a day too early, but it gave us the opportunity to see competitors arrive and meet with everyone during scrutineering. Like everyone we were pleased to see the start of the race and it didn’t disappoint from the very beginning!

The action was relentless as Unimog’s battled past 8x8 racing trucks, with the Cars and SSVs constantly nipping at their heals over the several laps of the 80km stage. That first stage benefitted from some rain shortly before the start, it kept the dust under wraps, needless to say as the sun shone over the proceeding days things became hotter, dustier, and dirtier.

Team Gigglepin - Rallye BreslauPolaris RZR - Rallye Breslau


By the time of the Lazer Night Challenge, the competitors had all settled into the race. It was a later than expected start due to the preceding stage earlier in the day, and relatively long transfer to the new camp at Poznan, but enthusiasm abound for some night racing and things got underway shortly before midnight.



There’s something about a decent night stage that gets a lot of people going. From a spectator’s perspective we love seeing the various pillars of light weaving their way towards us, but talking with competitors the next evening, it seems there’s a noticeable difference for them which comes from being well prepared, or not. As Jean-Marc Meunier (Team Cap Quad) put it, ‘Good lighting gives me a lot of confidence’. Regardless of whether teams were using Lazer products or not, we still saw a number of teams poorly prepared from a lighting perspective to deal with the challenging terrain and tough navigation. Whether in a mud hole, or looking to floor it down a fast flat section, if you can’t see where you going, or where to go next, you’re going to struggle!

Team Toyota Evolution - Rallye Breslau

From our perspective, we were delighted to see P1 and P2 in the Extreme Car, and P1 in the Cross Country Car categories, all using Lazer products. Coincidence? Who knows. The sun was coming up by the time we made it back to camp, and the gentle rumble of the petrol generator orchestra stirred us awake an hour or two later, but it didn’t matter, we had a great night, and during the day were delighted by the positive feedback from various teams running Lazer products the night before. Added to this plenty of interest from other teams looking to upgrade to a high performing, more reliable setup in future. Happy days, and nights!


Here’s a selection of comments back from competitors:

'This year we switched to Lazer, which really helped us in the night stage which we won.' #216 - Daniel Boiteux / Yves Maures (Team Toyota Evolution) - Toyota HZJ 75

'The lights were awesome. The best we have ever used on our car.' #308 - Raz Heymann / Hillel Segal (Pointer/3M) - Segal Segal

'The lights were incredible as always, amazing distance on the Triple-R's while the ST/RS lights gave a spread of light which really helped with navigation.' #238 - Jim Marsden / Wayne Smith (Team Gigglepin) - Gigglepin Defender

Cap Quad - Rallye Breslau

'The Triple-R gave me great distance illumination which complimented the quad's built-in lights.’ #105 - Jean Marc Meunier (Cap Quad) - Polaris Scrambler 1000

'[Lazer] is the perfect product for us, we had a lot of range and good spread.'...'Yesterday we had a problem when we rolled the car, but at least the lights are still working!' #209 - Stefan Henken / Mario Schneider - Suzuki Samurai SJ 413