Having established Lazer Lamps at the forefront of high performance auxiliary lighting for the Motorsport sector, the company is delighted to be launching a range of aerodynamic, ultra-lightweight Rally Lighting Pods, borne out of development and testing done within WRC. The launch expands the relevance and availability of next generation lighting solutions to the sector as a whole, providing tangible competitive advantage both in respect of weight saving, and superior lighting performance and functionality.

Available as: 4-Way, 2-Way, or Corner Rally Lamp pods, each pod is constructed from lightweight glass and carbon-fibre composite material, with ECE approved lamps selected and pre-installed based on strict performance criteria. As LED technology has advanced and become more efficient, Lazer Lamps has worked hard to constantly update products, alongside continued development and testing of both optics, lighting functionality, and material solutions to deliver the very best lighting solutions tailored to the rally sector.

At 3kg, including 4x high performance LED spotlights constructed from 3D printed Carbon-Fibre & Nylon composite material (CF-PA12) material, the 4-Way Rally Pod sets the standard for others to try to match. With the lamps consuming only 276W, the 1 lux line reaches to just shy of 900m, with a spread of light that leaves nothing to the imagination. Before the year end, availability of a touchscreen controller will allow multi-functionality including: Adaptive mode, where the lighting responds to vehicle pitch under braking and acceleration, and Fog mode.

The 2-Way Rally Pod provides for an even more affordable lighting solution, that still delivers incredible performance and reliability which is the hallmark of the UK manufacturer's brand. Utilising a pair of Triple-R 1000 Elite LED spotlights, the 2-way pod delivers a finely tuned beam pattern that benefits drivers with superior distance illumination, and left/right spread of light, further facilitated by the fine-tuning mechanism which allows drivers/teams to aim their lights precisely as per their preference. Additional Corner Rally Lamp Pods, utilising the company's Linear-6 Elite lights, provides for an all-round solution that delivers so much more, for so much less.

With pods designed initially for the Ford Fiesta, Lazer Lamps MD, Ben Russell-Smith commented on the development work that continues behind the scenes, 'Through our long-standing partnership with M-Sport, we're delighted to bring to market solutions built around the Ford Fiesta, but the development work hasn't stopped there. With vehicle data now in hand for: Skoda Fabia R5, Citroen C3, VW Polo, Hyundai i20, and Peugeot 208, it's only a matter of time before we bring to market solutions verified for these vehicles, and further the relevance and appeal of our rally lighting solutions across the whole sport.'


For more information on choosing the right lighting solution for rally, customers are welcome to view our Rally Lighting Buyers Guide -

Key Features

  • Pre-mounted high performance driving lights
  • Ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre with glass laminate pod
  • Optimised for Ford Fiesta – spacer kits in development for other vehicles
  • Additional lighting modes operated via Dashboard Controller (from Dec’19)
  • Compatible LH/RH Corner Pods
  • Road-legal in accordance with FIA regulations (for some rally series)
  • Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance
  • Fine adjustment mechanisms
  • Carefully selected LED colour temperature maximises sharpness and definition
  • Electronic thermal management
  • ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens
  • IP Rated
  • 5-year warranty
  • Designed & manufactured in Britain

RRP (excl VAT) 

  • 4-Way Rally Lamp Pod - £4,400 / €5,105
  • Dashboard Controller - £80 / €93
  • 2-Way Rally Lamp Pod - £1,800 / €2,090
  • Corner Rally Lamp Pod (LH/RH) - £580ea / €670ea
  • 4-Lamp 'Carbon Series' Wiring Kit - £100 / €116