Kelsa UK based lighting manufacturer, Lazer Lamps, is spearheading a drive to increase the adoption of auxiliary LED spotlights within the commercial sector. A far-cry from the plethora of heavy-duty eyesores that have historically ordained many an off-roader, the latest LED products represent an altogether more aesthetically pleasing solution, and with a performance and reliability which leaves both drivers and fleet managers smiling.


Lighting, like any other technology, has moved on a lot over the years. The appeal of big, round, halogen and HID spotlights still lives on thanks to their imposing presence, and the historical dominance especially in the truck market. The performance is limited though, and the latest generation LED counterparts represent an altogether more efficient and higher output proposition. Regardless the lack of thought and invention from many lighting manufacturers to design products that complement the high-end styling of modern trucks, means adoption of LED has been much slower than across other markets.


With the end-to-end process of design, engineering, and manufacture all managed in-house, and in the UK, Lazer Lamps has been working with key partners in the commercial vehicle market to address these downfalls. In the first instance, the superior lighting performance is borne out of development work and extensive testing done at the very highest levels of professional motorsport. Throwing out a load of light isn’t enough, careful consideration has been given to optimise the distribution of light, while maintaining a perfectly homogenous, even level of light throughout. So too the colour temperature of the light, with many LED light manufacturers pursuing a blue/white colour of light to give the impression of increased brightness, Lazer has prioritised sharper definition and reduced eye strain that comes from a slightly warmer (lower kelvin) colour temperature.

Scania R-Series with Triple-R 1000

The styling of the lamps has always been a key consideration, and with most products arriving from outside the UK and Europe, there has always been the opportunity to design new products which defy the conventional forward-facing, round reflector shape, prevalent in many manufacturers’ core off-road markets. Comprising rear-facing LEDs, and a more vacuous ‘hooded’ reflector system, the Triple-R range is winning over more and more people with its low-profile design and elegant styling. Complementing the sleek lines of both truck and the spotlight bars they are often mounted atop, the lights gained wide recognition and high profile plaudits from the likes of Volvo, Scania, and Mercedes across Scandinavia, and those sentiments are now being increasingly echoed across the UK.


Volvo Tow-TruckMore recently attention has switched to increasing the functionality of the lights specifically for the commercial vehicle market, Ben Russell-Smith, Lazer MD and Founder explains, “Last September, we integrated Position Lights into our market-leading Triple-R 1000 spotlights, the extra functionality has proved popular, plus it provides an additional styling enhancement.” Now the move is to expand dual-functionality to other products, and to address other needs, “I don’t want to give too much away about our current product development program, but rest assured we’ve got an ear to the ground, and thanks to close partnerships with vehicle and other accessory manufacturers, like Kelsa in the UK, I’m very excited for the products we have in the pipeline and their relevance to the truck market.”