Not all LED lights are built the same. A lot of LED lights are products produced in the Far-East. Many are produced in the Far-East but then re-branded. Some brands design products in-house but then outsource manufacturing from elsewhere. This is all well, and we’re not here to comment on how good or bad a brand might be that employs any of these methods, but at Lazer Lamps we take a different approach. Our design, engineering, and build functions are all performed in-house, in the UK.




There are a number of distinct advantages to operating in this way, to name a few: increased speed to market, creating an environment which encourages innovation, improved quality control, tighter cost control, greater security in terms of continuity of supply, and a real focus and commitment to continuous improvement in terms of the build quality and reliability of our products.








Throughout the design and development stages of any new or upgraded products, our designers and engineers, through their own knowledge and experience, and through close collaboration with industry leading component suppliers, will strive to ensure every possible consideration has been made to guarantee the performance and longevity of our lights. Still, occasionally problems can occur, and while we have always prided ourselves on our exceptionally low warranty rates, it’s through the systems we employ to guarantee continuous improvement, that can be most reassuring to our customers.




Quality-TestingOur Test Engineers carefully consider and test every single warranty case that we are made aware of. Working in close collaboration with our engineering and production teams, we identify the root cause of every issue, and immediately employ any corrective actions required. Corrective actions could be anything from: amending the specification of a component part, modifying the build process, or re-training a member of the production team. Whatever the action required, it’s implemented immediately and effectively, and this is something greatly facilitated by having all functions located in-house at the same location.




We appreciate purchasing a Lazer product is an investment, an investment in a product which has been built to exceptional standards. The continual improvement that goes on behind the scenes every day, provides reassurance Lazer products are products to be trusted for years to come.