Here at Lazer, we’re often asked how our lights compare to some of the best competitor products on the market (and compared to some of the worst too!). We thought it was time to make some benchmark testing and bring some of those photometric diagrams to life for our customers!

We tested rival LED products from Rigid Industries and Vision X, in addition to an Ebay-bought light bar from China to see how that would stack up. Each Lazer product was compared with an alternative product of either a similar claimed raw lumen output and/or a similar price point.

Each product was assessed identically. Beam distances are measured figures for the 1 lux line, while the Raw Lumen and Power Consumption figures are manufacturer quoted numbers. All images were taken using the same camera and fixed settings, in the company of a third party assessor.


Lazer ST8 vs Rigid E2 10" Drive

Rigid Industries: Two 10" E2 series products (Driving and Combo optics) were tested against the Lazer ST-8 hybrid beam LED spotlight. The Rigid Industries E2 10” Driving light offered a wide spread of light immediately in front of the vehicle, but the beam pattern faded noticeably after 80m-100m. It was felt that the E2 Drive would probably give a little too much light on the road directly in front of the vehicle with insufficient distance to work well with normal road driving speeds. The E2 combo would be a definite improvement for normal road driving, but there was a noticeable dark spot where the narrow beam of the hyper-spot optic would leave the customer wanting when driving on twisty roads.




Lazer ST8 vs Rigid E2 10" Combo




The hybrid beam pattern of the Lazer ST-8 demonstrated that it’s possible to have a comfortable spread of light close to the vehicle, combined with outstanding range and a decent spread of light in the crucial middle-distance, up to 200m away. After this point the beam pattern narrowed but still delivered usable light well over 300m. While both Rigid and Lazer products delivered a clean, homogenous beam pattern, the colour of light from the Lazer products was slightly warmer (4750K), and more akin to natural daylight.

Lazer Triple-R 1000 Standard vs Rigid E2 10" Combo





Medium- to high-speed driving was best served with the Lazer Lamps Triple-R 1000 (Standard) LED spotlight. Both of these lights delivered good distance; the Rigid Industries Combo has useable light at around 420m, while the Lazer Triple-R 1000 delivers useable light to 550m. In addition to the distance, the Lazer product also offered a wider spread of light in that all important 200m midrange area, albeit without the additional short range light the Rigid unit provides. In terms of which product would be right for the customer, this would also depend on whether the vehicle already has headlights which can provide some of the illumination close to the vehicle.

Lazer Triple-R 750 Standard vs Vision-X Cannon 50W

Vision X: We tested the E-mark version of the 50W Cannon with 20 degree beam angle. Due to its large LED chip, the focal point of the 50W Cannon isn’t particularly concentrated. The consequence of this becomes apparent on the beam pattern where the focus of the beam doesn’t achieve particularly strong distance and a fair proportion of the light is close to the vehicle. That said, we measured the beam pattern to 255m (1 lux) with an overall illuminated area akin to a narrow hourglass.

In contrast, the broad 50m spread of the standard Lazer Lamps Triple-R 750 model stopped darkness encroaching in this area, delivering decent levels of light up to 250m away for medium-speed driving. Short-range visibility is designed to be boosted by a vehicle's original headlamps on full beam.

Lazer Triple-R 750 Standard vs Vision-X Cannon 25W




The 25W Cannon was a much more efficient unit, which provided decent levels of mid- to long-range light especially for such a small, competitively priced unit. The downside was the lack of width on the beam pattern, and the side-by-side comparison with the Triple-R 750 Standard intended to show what difference an extra €50 / $80 could get you.


Lazer T-24 vs Ebay 40in LED Light Bar (Combo)

Ebay: A huge contrast was delivered in this comparison test. The unbranded 42" LED Light Bar available from Ebay claimed an extremely high lumen output for the price, but 90% of this light filled the 30m space immediately ahead of the vehicle and couldn't muster up enough strength to carry on much further after. Indeed, barely any light reached the flag positioned at 50m.

The Lazer T-24 hybrid beam LED driving/work light delivered exactly what customers would expect from a 40" light bar. With a kelvin grade that closely resembles daylight (4750K) the illumination was such that you might think you're in the land of the midnight sun. Designed primarily for off-road use, the bar offered a huge amount of light in a clean, homogenous beam. Alongside an 80m spread of light, the T-24 offered usable light well over 500m into the distance.

The Ebay product test highlighted a common problem with Far-East imported products; we wouldn’t suggest they're all as bad as the light we tested (although many could well be worse!), but the lack of accredited third party data, and independent testing makes it difficult to purchase these products with much confidence as to the quality you can ultimately expect to receive. It should also be mentioned that this was the second time we’ve used this light (also featuring in our Lazer/Lightforce/China comparison movie), and two of the 60 LEDs had failed which gave a poor quality appearance, and not a great deal of confidence that this product will last long enough for any more benchmark testing in the future!