Continuing the pursuit of excellence in motorsport lighting solutions for both rally and track motorsport, Lazer Lamps is excited to announce the latest developments in their range of ‘Carbon Series’ ultra-lightweight range of LED driving lights. The (Gen2.1) Carbon-2 and Carbon-6 spotlights are both now available constructed using 3D print material, and with the latter also now compatible for operating with innovative functionality that allows tailoring of the light distribution to specific events or conditions.
Boasting exceptional lighting performance at the limit of what LED technology allows, the UK manufacturer looks to innovative material solutions, alongside advanced functionality, to deliver the next competitive advantage which has already helped teams utilising Lazer products secure the 2018/9 WRC Championship, Le Mans 24hr, and Nürburgring 24Hr.

Carbon-6-3DProducts constructed using a “prepreg” Carbon-Fibre housing, now also come available made from a 3D printed Carbon-Fibre & Nylon composite material (CF-PA12) material. Retaining the ultra lightweight design, the 3D print material, finished with an automotive-grade gloss black paint, provides for a more cost-effective solution albeit one with lower overall strength.










In bringing further innovation to their motorsport lighting solutions, all Gen 2.1 Carbon-6 lamps feature capability to operate with additional functionality when used in conjunction with the Race Dashboard Controller, due to be launched in October 2019. When using the RDC, the customer will be able to operate the lamps in: Fog mode, Adaptive mode (A secondary beam moves up or down depending on the braking and accelerating of the lamp), E-mark mode, E-Boost mode.

Commenting on the developments within the Carbon Series range of products, Lazer Lamps’ Managing Director, Ben Russell-Smith said, ‘Feedback from our valued partners and customers at the highest levels of rally and track motorsport has helped shape even the smallest details to help establish our products as the must-have lighting solution. 3D print technology, now makes these solutions more accessible than ever to both professional and amateur teams and drivers alike, while the extra functionality of the Carbon-6 lamps has the potential to deliver tangible advantages for safer and faster night-time driving.’

Key Features

    • Ultra-lightweight, carbon-fibre or 3D print CF-PA12 material housing
    • Combination of high intensity 11W LEDs and 3W Matrix LEDs
    • Available with Spot or Drive/Reeded optics
    • ECE approved (Carbon-6) – requires Dashboard Controller (Race)
    • Carefully selected LED colour temperature maximises sharpness and definition
    • CAE optimised heatsink requires minimal airflow to maintain 100% light output
    • Electronic thermal management
    • Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance
    • Supplied with loom and Deutsch DT04-3P Connector (male and female pre-wired)
    • IP67 watertight
    • 5-year warranty
    • Designed & manufactured in Britain

RRP (excl VAT)

    • Carbon-2 Spot/Drive - £536 / €622
    • Carbon-2 Spot/Drive - 3D Material - £350 / €406
    • Carbon-6 Spot/Drive - £1155 / €1342
    • Carbon-6 Spot/Drive - 3D Material - £700 / €812