Lazer Lamps at Abenteuer 2016

A little earlier than previous year’s, we are just back from our now regular annual pilgrimage to Europe’s largest off-road show – Abenteuer Allrad, held just outside the picturesque town of Bad Kissingen, 2 hrs east of Frankfurt. There are many great people, meetings, exhibitors, stories and memories to reflect on, so for those that weren’t able to be there, here’s our perspective on the week.


First off, because we’re British after all, a bit about the weather! We’re not sure why it is, but it seems every year we get lucky with the weather at Bad Kissingen (with the exception of Saturday afternoon/evening); the sun and warm weather does wonders for getting people from all across Europe through the gates. Their voyage is rewarded with a vast array of outdoor expedition and recreational vehicles, equipment, and accessories. It is impossible not to become encapsulated by what’s on show, and the wishful possibilities around your next trip, excursion, or weekend away.


Bimobil with Triple-R 28

We love this show because the visitors are in the most part very knowledgeable and specific in their requirements. A large majority are coming back to the show another day so they’re happy, and want, to spend time talking details, whether that’s about lights or anything else. Finding out about the latest technological developments, and/or about what’s coming next; the level of engagement is fantastic, and the team of 6 of us on the stand were more than happy to impart every last drop of knowledge and experience at our disposal.


This was our first year showcasing the new Triple-R 16, 24, and 28. The number of vehicles decked out around the showground highlighting their broad appeal, whether bolted to a pick-up’s roof rack, or atop a 14 tonne expedition truck. The imposing light’s certainly captured the attention on our stand, lucky for most it was sunny and sunglasses were a near necessity!


Genesis Import at Abenteuer AllradAs much as people love the staggering performance of the bigger off-road light bars, still the majority of people are focused on the potentially more practical range of road-legal driving lights. Appreciating the clear differentiator between the broader spread of light from the Hybrid Optic range versus the long-range illumination given from the Triple-R’s, you could literally hear the cogs turning as one person after another carefully considered the different buying factors, as they opened their wallets and headed off in the direction of Genesis Import (our German distributor) to complete their purchase.


M-Sport Ford Ranger

The growing appeal and recognition of the Lazer brand was tangible if nothing else by the number of vehicles sporting our lights. As we develop the technology, our distributors and dealers don’t less us down with more and more sleek, stylish OE quality installations which can’t fail to grab attention. Of particular note: the new M-Sport Ford Ranger revealed on Style-X’s stand on the opening day, and a 3D-printed Discovery 4 grille with integrated Triple-R 750s c/o OEM Plus.


As much as we enjoy speaking to end-users, Abenteuer Allrad is also a fantastic opportunity to catch-up and spend some good times with off-road distributors and dealers from across Europe. Thank you to all of you we met and spent time with over the week, including Pavel and Michael from Steeler, and Alex and Bine whose involvement each year is a huge blessing to us, and without their help we’d never have got through the Polish Moonshine!


See you there next year.

Lazer Lamps at Abenteuer Allrad 2016