Land Rover MagazineConsumer understanding of the intricacies of LED lighting technology has come a long way over the last 4 years since Lazer Lamps was formed, but we’re still trying to fill a knowledge gap crucial in helping both retailers and consumers understand why not all LED lights are made the same. It’s inevitably a technical subject though and while being able to demonstrate lighting in action will always be the best way to ensure consumers can make educated purchases, we know this isn’t always possible.

The myriad of misleading technical data doesn’t help the situation, and while there’s greater recognition of what is and isn’t important and relevant, we know not all manufacturers will fall in line and publish measured isolux readings to simplify product comparisons, but we can at least live in hope that using lumens as a measure of a lights effectiveness soon goes the way of the dinosaurs! 

So it comes down to the marketing department to help sell the products, position the brand in the right way, and educate representatives and consumers alike, but can you always trust them?! Often inaccurate or misleading information is hidden behind glossy slogans and straplines, and the truth is shaped around what you can, and what you want, to say. Consider the example of lights manufactured in China, but repackaged in the UK; it doesn’t actually make for lights ‘made in the UK’.

So from our perspective, while we’ve always tried to be very open and transparent about our products and their manufacture, we were delighted with the opportunity to welcome Ed Evans and Steve Miller from Land Rover Monthly magazine to visit the Lazer production site, and take a closer look at our products, and get a bit more of an understanding about LED’s and what makes the technology work well, and sometimes not so well. The resulting piece is well written, informed, and provides a great background to auxiliary LED lighting from the perspective of guys that haven’t spent hours considering the best adjectives to sell our lights. If you’ve an interest in auxiliary lighting it’s well worth 5 minutes of your time. 

To read Ed’s article please click here.