Recognised as one of the toughest European adventure rallies, Rallye Breslau will attract more than 250 teams from across Europe over two separate adventure events: Breslau Poland and Balkan Breslau. With eight days of demanding off-road racing stages combined with courses in picturesque setting, risks and challenges await participants. 

We are delighted to be playing such a key part in the event, and are delighted that the Lazer Challenge night race will play such a key part in the race stages. 


  2014 Breslau Rallye

We interview Jim Marsden from Gigglepin 4×4 about what the Breslau means for a competitor:

Could you explain how Gigglepin prepare for Rallye Breslau? 

Jim: Breslau is like no other event in Europe. Breslau is a seven-day event and an average stage length of 240km and they are tough stages.

There is a lot of sand, a lot of deep water and both those things aren’t nice or kind to any vehicles especially the ones competing. So we have to set up the cars specifically as they have to be reliable and have to be able to take huge amounts of punishment over the seven days.
Now anyone can build a car that can last for one day but building a car that can last for seven days takes a special skill set – to build a car that can last the full seven days and be competitive takes an even bigger skill set.
When competing you’ll see that a lot of standard vehicles tend to do really well because they are less stressed than the thoroughbred vehicles such as our own but so for us, our preparation will revolve around waterproofing; making sure that’s all tiptop. It will also revolve around shock absorber tuning as well so we’ll be tuning our suspension, as we’ll be racing on a lot of sand.
People don’t realise it but Poland is just sand, it’s like the Sahara in places so what we have to do is a lot of whoops and bumps so we have to dial in our suspension and get it absolutely spot on so that we can travel faster and safely.

The terrain sounds quite harsh?

Jim: It is, very tough.

What events are you competing in before you head to Poland?

Jim: We’ve got quite a few events coming up. I’m racing at the Norra 1000 Mexico for Odyssey Batteries, so that will be a great event and a good bit of practise. It’s a 1000 mile desert race so that will be fun. Then we come back from there and we are heading straight on to the King of the Glenns, which is an Ultra 4 event in Scotland.

The first time that’s ever happened there so that’s going to be an interesting one as we don’t know what to expect but that will be the first outing for this seasons new car; that’s going to be a big one for us.

Then a few weeks after that we’ve got king of the mountains, which is in Italy which again is a first time event. Again an Ultra 4 event so big rocks, high speed, expect lots of breakages, expect lots of spectacular fails, and really really tough. Then we’ve got a few weeks to get the car back together then onto Breslau. We’ve got unfinished business at Breslau this year – we were devastated not to win it last year.

OK, so expectations are quite high this year?

Jim: We always have high expectations we don’t go there to make up the numbers. We go there to try to win and last year unfortunately it didn’t quite work out for us. We had a breakage on one day and due to particularly harsh rules we got a DNS rather than a DNF and that gave us a 24 hour time penalty. That basically put paid to any chance of ever winning, even though over the next few days we were winning stage after stage and on some of the stages winning by over an hour at a time. We were doing very well.

What’s your most favourite part of the Breslau Rallye event?

Jim: Probably the night stage. The night stage is just awesome. There are very few events in the world where you get to do a proper 60km night stage and it is a genuine 60km+ night stage. It’s insane! You start at 11 at night and off you go, its full hard-core as fast as you can and we really love it, absolutely love it. We find that having the best lighting equipment is the difference between winning and losing. We are very lucky to be working with Lazer Lamps who are our official lighting partner. Their products are just superb for the type of night stages we will be competing in. We like to have a wall of light and that’s what that product gives us so it’s absolutely wonderful.
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   2014 Breslau Rallye