2015 Autosport International Show

Friday, 30 January 2015 13:20:49 Europe/London

Team Gigglepin 4x4The 2015 Autosport International show in Birmingham was an excellent way to start the New Year and show our current and forthcoming products – thanks to all of our customers who made it on to the stand!

The outstanding feedback we received from those drivers who have already used our lights proves once again the competitive advantage that Lazer gives at night time race events. We were also able to show customers a preview of our new product line which will launch in March 2015, to deliver more than five times the peak intensity of our current lights, equating to almost three times the distance.

It was great meeting the guys from M-Sport, they were displaying their 100th Fiesta R5, and their new 600bhp Rallycross car. It was also a pleasure to see our partnership with Acorn Motorsport Division going really well with our lighting contributing to the Team’s competitive performance.

On the Extreme off-road side, there was a fantastic display for the Ultra4 Race series, and it was great to catch up with our sponsored drivers, Team Gigglepin and Offroad Armoury.

We are looking forward to supporting these guys throughout 2015, they’ve got an incredibly tough race schedule, some epic videos, photos and results expected from those guys.

Acorn Motorsport

Lots of Endurance guys came to see us, our lights have made a big impact in the Britcar, Barcelona 24hr, and other endurance track series over the years. Britcar returns to Silverstone with another 24hr race this year, we’ll certainly be there to support our teams with good tips for getting the most out of their lights.

2015 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for us and for the teams running our lights…Hold on to your pants!

Balkans Breslau Roundup

Monday, 6 October 2014 10:39:08 Europe/London

Balkan Breslau

Races don’t get much tougher than the Breslau Rally, and the Balkans Breslau this year has been extremely tough, not just during the race but also pitching up camp in the evenings. The final results are in, and we congratulate the podium placed competitors, a gruelling event by anyone’s standards! Placings by group are as follows:



We know motorsport to be tough and sometimes dangerous, but we were relieved to hear that the Race2Recovery guys made it out of a particularly difficult situation in one piece. Read their full story, a graphic account of what it’s like getting out of a vehicle that’s upside down in a river following a high speed crash:

We’re looking forward to being part of this event next year, many thanks to the organisers, especially Alex, Vilena and Chris for organising such an incredible event. 

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Breslau 2014 – Lazer Challenge & Jim Marsden Interview

Monday, 7 July 2014 23:48:00 Europe/London


Recognised as one of the toughest European adventure rallies, Rallye Breslau will attract more than 250 teams from across Europe over two separate adventure events: Breslau Poland and Balkan Breslau. With eight days of demanding off-road racing stages combined with courses in picturesque setting, risks and challenges await participants. 

We are delighted to be playing such a key part in the event, and are delighted that the Lazer Challenge night race will play such a key part in the race stages. 


  2014 Breslau Rallye

We interview Jim Marsden from Gigglepin 4×4 about what the Breslau means for a competitor:

Could you explain how Gigglepin prepare for Rallye Breslau? 

Jim: Breslau is like no other event in Europe. Breslau is a seven-day event and an average stage length of 240km and they are tough stages.

There is a lot of sand, a lot of deep water and both those things aren’t nice or kind to any vehicles especially the ones competing. So we have to set up the cars specifically as they have to be reliable and have to be able to take huge amounts of punishment over the seven days.
Now anyone can build a car that can last for one day but building a car that can last for seven days takes a special skill set – to build a car that can last the full seven days and be competitive takes an even bigger skill set.
When competing you’ll see that a lot of standard vehicles tend to do really well because they are less stressed than the thoroughbred vehicles such as our own but so for us, our preparation will revolve around waterproofing; making sure that’s all tiptop. It will also revolve around shock absorber tuning as well so we’ll be tuning our suspension, as we’ll be racing on a lot of sand.
People don’t realise it but Poland is just sand, it’s like the Sahara in places so what we have to do is a lot of whoops and bumps so we have to dial in our suspension and get it absolutely spot on so that we can travel faster and safely.

The terrain sounds quite harsh?

Jim: It is, very tough.

What events are you competing in before you head to Poland?

Jim: We’ve got quite a few events coming up. I’m racing at the Norra 1000 Mexico for Odyssey Batteries, so that will be a great event and a good bit of practise. It’s a 1000 mile desert race so that will be fun. Then we come back from there and we are heading straight on to the King of the Glenns, which is an Ultra 4 event in Scotland.

The first time that’s ever happened there so that’s going to be an interesting one as we don’t know what to expect but that will be the first outing for this seasons new car; that’s going to be a big one for us.

Then a few weeks after that we’ve got king of the mountains, which is in Italy which again is a first time event. Again an Ultra 4 event so big rocks, high speed, expect lots of breakages, expect lots of spectacular fails, and really really tough. Then we’ve got a few weeks to get the car back together then onto Breslau. We’ve got unfinished business at Breslau this year – we were devastated not to win it last year.

OK, so expectations are quite high this year?

Jim: We always have high expectations we don’t go there to make up the numbers. We go there to try to win and last year unfortunately it didn’t quite work out for us. We had a breakage on one day and due to particularly harsh rules we got a DNS rather than a DNF and that gave us a 24 hour time penalty. That basically put paid to any chance of ever winning, even though over the next few days we were winning stage after stage and on some of the stages winning by over an hour at a time. We were doing very well.

What’s your most favourite part of the Breslau Rallye event?

Jim: Probably the night stage. The night stage is just awesome. There are very few events in the world where you get to do a proper 60km night stage and it is a genuine 60km+ night stage. It’s insane! You start at 11 at night and off you go, its full hard-core as fast as you can and we really love it, absolutely love it. We find that having the best lighting equipment is the difference between winning and losing. We are very lucky to be working with Lazer Lamps who are our official lighting partner. Their products are just superb for the type of night stages we will be competing in. We like to have a wall of light and that’s what that product gives us so it’s absolutely wonderful.
PB0_1620 small









   2014 Breslau Rallye
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Lazer confirms sponsorship of Race2Recovery through to 2015

Tuesday, 1 July 2014 09:58:00 Europe/London

Race2Recovery - Goodwood Festival 2014Lazer is delighted to once again be part of the Race2Recovery story. These guys have a mission to enable the participation of people with disabilities in professional motorsport, and from their inception in 2011, they have done just that.

They have completed at some of the highest levels of motorsport since their inception in 2011, including this year competing in both the Dakar Rally in South America, and the Breslau Rallye in Poland and Bulgaria, among a host of other races.

This year we refreshed their lighting, with an additional two T2-R lamps on the roof, which will help to reduce shadow on the road, due to the position above the drivers eye-line. A separate switch allows these lamps to be switched off independently from the others, in case of fog or mist which could cause back glare.

We wish these guys every success in the current and 2015 seasons, and we thank them for letting Lazer be a part of their journey. Please take a look at and see how you can help them and the charities they work with. 

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Racing Regulations: FIA confirm OK to use LAZER

Sunday, 16 March 2014 23:38:00 Europe/London

Racing Regulations: FIA confirm OK to use LAZER


The FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) has confirmed that Lazer E-Marked LED hadlamps are permitted for the following motor Sports events:
Group N Article 254 (lighting is section 6.8)
Group A Article 255 (lighting is section 5.8.5)
WRC Article 255A (lighting is section 5.8.d)
Group R1 to R4 Article 260 (lighting is section 503)
Group R5 Article 261 (lighting is section 503)
For a copy of the confirmation email which was issued to Lazer, please email us at


In the United Kingdom, the MSA (Motor Sports Association) have now confirmed that E-Marked LED Headlamps are permitted for stage rallying. The E-approved LED Module is considered to be a single light source and our lights are compliant with Construction in Use requirements.
MSA Bulletin


In the Netherlands, the KNAF (Knac Nationale Autosport Federatie) have now confirmed that E-Marked LED Headlamps are permitted for racing. The E-approved LED Module is considered to be a single light source.

KNAF Confirmation


In France, the FFSA (Fédération Française du Sport Automobile) has currently not accepted to use road legal E-marked LED headlamps, however, non E-approved (not road legal) HID products are permitted for use by the scrutineers, despite contravening with the FFSA official regulations (which require all additional lights to comply with the national regulations).

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Dakar 2014

Friday, 14 March 2014 22:17:00 Europe/London

Dakar 2014 – Another epic yearRace2Recovery Complete Dakar 2014

With Lazer lights being used by more than 10 different teams, it was another epic year for Lazer and these teams using our lights. The astonishing and inspiring Race2Recovery team yet again achieved a finish in this years Dakar,  arguably under tougher circumstances than their debut year 2013.

Kamaz Master, the incredible Russian truck team won the truck category, taking all three places on the podium. An impressive achievement for the Red Bull sponsored team. Their winning driver Vladimir Chagin has now won the race in this category for seven out of the fifteen years that he has driven it. We were delighted to see Kamaz Master replace 6 HID spot lights with four ST-8 lights, to deliver weight saving and performance improvement.

Here’s how they delivered their epic achievement:


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Dakar Press Team – No Compromise…

Sunday, 3 November 2013 21:36:00 Europe/London

Compromises are not an option for many of the customers and motorsport teams that choose Lazer products. This is no truer than for the Dakar Press Team: the team that provide photography, film and written footage of the competitors in action at the toughest rally on earth: The Dakar Rally.

...on a quiet Saturday in October














…on a quiet Saturday in October 2013

So on a dry and mildly warm day in October, James and I are heading to our Stevenage based manufacturing plant to meet The Dakar Press Team Captain Léon Jansen to set up two of the four press fleet with Lazer Lamp lights.
We have worked with the Dakar Press Team for some time now and year-on-year the event that they cover astounds me. Whilst driving to Stevenage I contemplate this. The conditions, the event, the coverage is all quite simply epic. Last year there were five teams running our lights in the Dakar, this year there will be at least seven teams using our lights, that we know of. To provide a bit of background to the importance of lighting at an event like the Dakar Rally, for anybody on the Rally the element of risk has to be minimised to ensure that movements on the tough and harsh terrain is completed safely and to the highest level. Reliability is key, without the lights the expedition becomes even more challenging and really dangerous. The event itself represents an exceptional challenge for both the competitors and vehicle.

The Dakar Press Team do not take their task lightly and James and I knew that rigging the vehicles with the best product for the role they play in order for them to do the job they do was paramount. So we set about making sure that their European prepared Volkswagen Amarok Dakar Proto was kitted out accordingly.

Two T-16's on the front bar

We met Léon and Paul at the factory and got to work going through the unique lighting plan we had put in place for them over a cup of coffee. Whilst we chatted about the plan we talked some more about their role on Le Dakar and the team completely relying on the vehicles, a Volkswagen Amarok Dakar Proto and a Toyota Land Cruiser 105 Dakar Xtreem. As the team is completely self-supporting, the preparation of the vehicles is crucial. Failure is not an option: the competitors want their action captured whether it is day one or day 14. As the team spends a lot of the time driving the Dakar stages in the dark there was no pressure on us then……




  Two T-16′s on the front bar

 The 12-strong Dutch crew will report on the famous Dakar rally for the 11th time in 2014. Their prime role in Le Dakar is to capture the best photographic shots. Leon explained to me during the fitting that to do this they have to find not only the best but the right vantage points and be ready for action well before the competitors arrive. In order to succeed at their job they have to stick to a tight schedule of leaving the bivouac in the late evening and driving throughout the night to arrive at their chosen vantage point to capture the action. The pace is clearly relentless and is kept up for the entire 14 days of the rally.

James started fitting the T-16 whilst I focused on the roof mounted ST-8s. The products were mounted in the best and correct positions on the VW Amarok taking in to consideration the limitations that we had to work around.

Dakar Press teamIn the past the lighting and number of lamps that could be placed on the Dakar Press Teams vehicles was restricted by the power they consumed. There is much more to be powered, than just the lights. For instance, the camera and laptop batteries have to be continuously recharged, without these the team cannot function. LED lighting has a much higher efficiency than traditional lighting. The amount of light which comes from each Watt of electrical power is the key to the success of the LED. A halogen lamp operates at around 20 lumens per Watt (lm/W). High Intensity Discharge (HID) has an efficiency of around 40 -50 lm/W. Lazer Lamp’s lights currently operate at around 80 – 90 lm/W, their low comsumption means that the Dakar Press Team can maximize the light without compromising the other systems on the vehicle. The Lazer Lamps are also very compact so there was no trade-off for location on the vehicle when it came to finding the optimum performance.

We always receive excellent feedback from the drivers using our lights. The combination of light which is close to the color of daylight and lots of it, is very attractive for drivers who are running through the night. Our lights are E-marked and designed for both 12V and 24V systems so can be used on a whole host of different vehicles for night-time driving. Currently we know of seven teams who will be using our lights in the 2014 Dakar, but we expect this to increase.

After a good day’s hard work fitting out the vehicles we waved goodbye to the team. The Dakar Press Team depends on good lighting and the Lazer concept fits right into the team’s strategy: no compromise!

Now we look forward to following the Rally in January, it’s always a highlight in our calendar.

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